Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Urban soils often lack essential nutrients and organic content needed for healthy tree growth. This is due to removal of the organic layer (topsoil) during the development process. Sub-soils are usually brought  to the surface and sometimes a very thin layer of topsoil is spread for the establishment of grass. It takes decades for soils to rejuvenate  from this type of disturbance and rejuvenation only occurs when leaves and other debris are left to decompose back into the soil. Compare a shovel full of soil from a woods to that in the urban setting. Urban soils are typically lighter in color (less organic matter) and heavily compacted.

We provide high quality micro/macro nutrient & beneficial organic fertilizers. We also tailor each fertilizer mix according to each  specific site & tree needs. We take an environmentally conscientious approach to our fertilizer program.



Preservation Arborists - Sunbury, Ohio