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By far the best company I’ve dealt with in 20 years with tree maintenance. Aaron Noblet is excellent with tree service and information that helps with landscape planning. His spring and fall fertilization program has made a big difference in the health of my trees. He truly cares about trees. 

Roger - Sunbury 

We had two large pine trees that were dying and two more that were salvageable. Preservation Arborists came right away to assess and treated the two trees that were still alive. After we had the dead trees cut down, we wanted to replant at least one tree and Aaron gave us several recommendations. He planted the new tree and gave us instructions for caring for it. Overall, we are very pleased with this company. Aaron is very knowledgeable and passionate about trees! 

Laura - Galena

Aaron knows and understands trees. He is fair and only treats when necessary.  His pruning skills are exceptional. And he is a nice person to work with! 

Susan - Galena

Aaron is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with!  Would highly recommend him!! 

Britta - Westerville

Aaron was fabulous to work with - so knowledgeable and my trees look great!!  We would definitely recommend! 

Kerry - Lewis Center

Awesome consultation, would highly recommend to anyone looking to gain insight on property planning or land management. Will use again! 

Sean - Centerburg

Great Experience!  I'll try and remember to post a picture of my tree, but wanted to post my review right away.  My tree was looking bad after an ice storm and I was worried that branches were going to break.  I reached out to Preservation Arborists.  The response was fast, friendly and professional.  My tree looks beautiful and is the best one on the street!  Thank you so much for helping to keep my home lovely and sidewalk safe from bad and low hanging branches. 

Julie - Sunbury

Aaron is a consummate professional. His work ethic, and the pride he has in his work were clear to us from the consultation to his cleanup. He pruned two very large trees on our property, and it has completely changed the look of the front of our home. We couldn't be happier with his service, and will definitely be using his services in the future. 

Kory - Sunbury

I definitely recommend Preservation Arborists!  Aaron was great to work with. He was good with communication and he easily identified the issues with my trees.  Unlike a lot of other companies, he didn’t try to sell me something unnecessarily.  Overall, I was impressed! 

Brenda - Lewis Center

Aaron was prompt, knowledgeable and did an excellent job pruning the trees on my property! Highly recommended!! 

Tony - Sunbury

Aaron has worked on my trees and shrubs for the past 2 years and it shows.  He turned an awkward looking Gingko into a nicely shaped tree. I love that the person I'm talking to about the needs of my trees and shrubs is the person actually doing the work.  And he knows his stuff! I will continue to use Preservation Arborists in the future. 

Rene - Columbus

Aaron has been making  our trees and shrubs happier for the last few years. He fertilizes those  who can benefit some special nourishment, sprays those who have some  nuisance residents, and prunes the many who get a bit out of sorts over  the year(s). And, Aaron has a great knowledge of which plant is in need  of which service(s)/which year(s). Seeing our landscape thriving and  happy is pleasing and satisfying to my wife and I.
Ben H. - Westerville

This company responded promptly and professionally. We agreed on a fair price for removal of a dying tree  and other tree maintenance. They showed up when they said they would, performed the work exactly as specified, and even texted us a picture of  how things were going, since we were not on site at the time the work  was done. The bill arrived in short order and everything in the bill  matched the estimate. We have used this company before and we will  certainly use them again. Reputable tree service can be hard to find and we highly recommend Preservation Arborists.
Kallen – Lewis Center 

He planted 13 trees. Well  thought out and perfect for my back yard. 11 of the 13 plants are doing  incredibly well. He gave me specific instructions on how to maintain  and water each plant. 2 of the trees, a dawn redwood and a paperbark  maple had been nipped by frost. He replaced both of them at no cost to  me. The replacement trees are at least 3 times as large as the  originals. Aaron is smart, well trained and has a great eye for what  should go where. He spent several hours consulting with me on what trees  would be appropriate. I love my back yard. I recommend him highly.
Adam – Westerville 

He did an amazing job. Very professional. Fast response to calls and email questions even after the service we had a few questions and he was quick and polite and very  helpful! He came out to quote us on the health of our tree and better  recommendations for a replacement. We checked the options and decided and that day he actually found a really great tree at the nursery and  called us to start work that following Monday which was only a few  business day after our quote. During the work he was very cautious of  our current landscaping and was careful with the trimmings. With the  replacement tree he fixed where it was located to be better for our  house and its health. Took away all trimmings. If you didn't know a tree  was removed you wouldn't be able to guess! No sawdust at all. We are  very happy and will use this company again! Also - he was very safe:  called 811 to check for buried utilities, has proper insurance, and wore safety gear.
Lacey - Columbus 

Aaron is a really nice guy and takes pride in his work. He is knowledgeable, professional and did a good job.
Jackie – Sunbury Ohio 

Very well. Aaron took his  time and did a great job with pruning our numerous trees, and he's certainly knowledgeable about the subject.
David – New Albany 

While speaking to Aaron  on the phone he advised me of approximate cost and had me read about the product he uses to treat Ash trees with Emerald Ash Borer. Within  minutes of arriving he let me know our tree's general health (good) and showed me three distinct signs that we had the EAB along with the cost  to treat it.  We were skeptical of treating it based mostly on some bad information a few years ago.  Aaron said he believed the tree would be a  good candidate for treating and his costs were less than anyone else  that I spoke with.  In the end we are happy that our beautiful Ash might  be spared and look forward to having Aaron out again for any other tree  work.  Very nice to work with, gave out suggestions to my wife for  replacing a sick smaller tree in our front yard. 
Ben W. – Westerville 

Excellent advice. And he gave us suggestions for a replacement tree for our front yard tree that died.
Judith - Delaware

Needed pruning work on  two oak trees and a wind break. The work also included removing a  struggling blue spruce and dwarf Alberta spruce. The Alberta spruce was  to be replaced.
The work was performed in a very timely manner. The work area clean up was very good. I am very satisfied with the work performed.
Phil - Lewis center

Aaron from Preservation Arborists arrived on time, trimmed 10 trees, 9 bushes and removed a dying spruce. He took the time to check with me about how much I wanted pruned back on some trees and bushes, not only removing dead wood but also shaping the trees. He used a tarp to collect the wood and removed it from my property. He enjoys his work and it shows in the quality of his work.
Billie - Westerville




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